Be Remembered

Why Shoot With Us?

Six years of happy clients across the U.S. 

Twice honored in the Siena Creative Photo Awards.

Close Associations with Top Fashion and Photography Creatives.

Published work in FORBES, Photovogue, BEST OF MALVIE, the HOUSTON CHRONICLE & Others


Fashion Photography

It's called a "look" for a reason; no experience is more visual than fashion. That's why every outfit, every makeup change, every hair style is a LOOK.  

Your entire season is packaged in a LOOKBOOK. And as a designer or a fashion retailer, you well know, if you're going to sell anything at all, first you gotta make 'em look!

Our Lookbooks, point of sale art, and flagship ad photography work, above all, because  . . .

We make 'em Look.

Model Portfolios

Whether you want to explore your talents in a simple test, or push your limits in a portfolio shoot with a full team of rock star stylists and artists . . . .

This is a great place to do it!

Refined Headshots

Whatever it's called -- a business portrait, a personal branding image, or a headshot -- it's the tip of the spear in your campaign for your next job or client.

It needs to imply competence. But more than that . . .

It has stick in their memory and make them want to meet you.

Very professional, helpful and artistic. Attention to details resulting in beautiful and luminous photos. Thank you very much.

Anne-Joelle Designs


Mr Gerard is a gem, he is honest about his work and your expectations.If you are looking for someone who is patient, passionate and flexible, someone who has a good eye for detail and extremely good people skills, then look no further.

Chantal Schnell-Martin


Gerard was a lifesaver!

Loved the finished product and our time together.

Jessica Grizzaffi