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Your Portfolio Is About Getting Hired

Modeling portfolio image of Riley Halford on an abandoned train engine. By Gerard Harrison Houston Fashion Photographer, Houston Modeling Portfolio Photographer

Female model portfolio photography by Gerard Harrison, Houston Fashion Photographer

The Key is Range and Versatility

If you want to get hired, the experts say your portfolio needs to show range and versatility: 

  • Vogue Magazine  says a model's portfolio should show range and versatility. You need a variety of looks that show different aspects of your personality and style. -- Emily Weiss, "How to Build a Model Portfolio" (Vogue 2016).
  • New York Fashion Institute of Technology  says,  Models who demonstrate versatility and range in their portfolios are more likely to be hired.  
  • The Business of Fashion (2018):  Reported  that 92% of fashion industry insiders say models should have a range of looks and styles in their portfolios. 
  • Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management  said,  fashion models who have versatile portfolios are more likely to be successful than those who do not.
Portfolio photo of model in couture butterfly cocktail dress, exotic makeup and hair, in front of impressionist floral background. By Gerard Harrison, Houston fashion photographer.

Pretty Isn't Enough

     Gigi Hadid isn’t the world’s top model just because she’s pretty. She’s on top because she’s electric and unique and can model any look you want. To succeed, you’ll need to show some of that electric versatility.

That's where we come in.

How We Work

     We create the opportunity for you to express your unique talent and versatility, and then we electrify it with our own. We won't race though through 3 or 4 looks in an hour or two, using the same backdrops, props, and lighting as the last 3 models or using some lame one-click software to edit your work. 

     Our process is thoughtful and deliberate. It takes work by a team of creatives, and you -- especially you -- because it’s about you and no one else.  And when we’re done, you’ll have the beginning of a versatile, creative, and unique portfolio. You’ll have distinctive work you’ll be excited to take with you to casting calls. And you’ll have a better shot at getting noticed and being remembered.

What About Tests?

     Tests are a simpler process designed to explore your physical characteristics and modeling abilities.  They are shorter sessions than full portfolio shoots.  A hair and makeup artist will be needed, but you may not need a stylist if you are able to bring suitable clothing, yourself. 

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