About Me


Hello From Texas!

I'm a full-time professional fashion photographer based in Houston. I'm the founder-owner of Image Theory Photoworks. With 6 successful years in the industry, multiple international awards, and publications, and a prior career managing projects valued in 9 figures, we know how to make things happen.  At present, we focus on three areas: commercial fashion photography, fashion editorials, and modeling portfolios.


     For my commercial fashion photography clients, including designers and retailers, I shoot lookbooks, catalogs, point of sale art, and high impact advertising images. 

    Full-day (8-hour) commercial shoots are $2250, including all standard pre-shoot preparation, the shoot, and all editing and retouching. Half-day (4-hour) shoots are $1750.  Amount of deliverables depends on the type of shoot.

    Fees for models, hair/makeup artists, and fashion stylists are additional, and are paid to these service providers directly by the client. We are happy to facilitate retaining such personnel for your project as part of standard preparations.   

    Editorial shoots are no cost to participating designers and merchants, aside from possible costs to ship fashions to the shoot site. We shoot editorials to promote our clients and the studio.

    For my fashion model clients, I work to create fully styled and unique fashion model portfolios that help advance their careers.  All model portfolio shoots include a fashion stylist and an HMUA.  A 4-hour shoot with stylist, HMUA, 4 wardrobe changes,  and two hair and makeup looks is $1500. At least a dozen fully edited final images will be delivered.

     Feel free to drop us a line or to call 832-341-4354 if you have questions.

     All the best!