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Selling a Dream

Super photographer Mario Testino sums it up well. “Fashion photography . . . has to create a desire. It has to sell.” But, what, exactly, are we selling? Stella McCartney said, "When you think of fashion photography, it’s a dream. It’s like we all want to be those women. We want to wear those dresses.” Or as legendary photographer, Richard Avedon, put it, "Fashion is about who you want to be, not who you are .”

So . . . we are inviting people to dream.

The dream may be as simple as the invitation to an attainable, comfortable lifestyle.

Or the dream may invite you to explore places where creative thought and the physical worlds overlap; places where you might walk through a painter’s impressionist garden wearing a jeweled couture gown.

And when the times demand it, the dream may convey a deeper message. It may emerge as an allegory for defiance in the face of fear and its purveyors.

"I always thought we were selling dreams, not clothes."

— Irving Penn

How would you like the world to dream about your creations?

In images that arise from archetype and myth?  In warm, sunlit daydreams as comfortable as a well-worn pair of cutoffs?  Or is there a more urgent message in what you do?

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